Can silk quilts be exposed to the sun?

Author: admin / 2022-07-22
Although people's lives have improved, the price of silk quilts is also relatively high. For this, our maintenance of silk quilts has become very important. The key problem to solve is that silk quilts in life can actually be dried. Because the silk was not able to wash. And because the pure cotton quilt cover is easy to get moldy, it is recommended that every time it is used, it can be taken out to dry, so as to keep the silk quilt fluffy. The answer to the phenomenon of whether silk quilts can be sun-dried is unquestionable. How long does it take for silk quilts to be sun-dried?
1. Although silk quilts can be exposed to the sun, silk quilts cannot be exposed to the sun. If silk is exposed to the sun for a long time, it will easily cause deterioration.
According to the previous description, we have solved the phenomenon left over from the previous paragraph. For how long the silk is exposed to the sun and why it cannot be exposed to the sun, these have a greater relationship with the material of the silk quilt.
2. For some new silk quilts that smell like silkworm chrysalis, you only need to put them in a ventilated area and blow them for two days. It should not be exposed to the sun for a long time, and it is better to take it out for two hours every two weeks. After drying, you can gently pat it with your hands to maintain the fluffy. Can silk quilts be dried? The answer is no doubt, and silk quilts of different materials are basically the same as the smell of silkworm chrysalis. Drying them is beneficial to deodorize the quilt.

3. It is also regular for silk to be sun-dried. Usually, silk is sun-dried once every two weeks or a month, and it does not take a long time in the case of drying. 3-4 hours is basically enough, and the front and back sides of the quilt are exposed as much as possible.
Soon we learned how long it takes to dry silk. According to the introduction in this paragraph, we firmly believe that everyone needs to know how many times the silk can be dried, and remember that it is more frequent.
4. The sun-dried silk quilt also has corresponding attention when it is stored. There is no need to store the silk in a humid and hot environment or put it in a plastic bag to prevent the silk from being damp, which will cause odor and lose warmth and breathability. In addition, it is necessary to prevent heavy pressure, and there is no need to stack heavy objects on the quilt to prevent it from becoming thin and hard, so that the service life of the silk quilt can be extended.

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