How do we choose high-quality silk quilts?

Author: admin / 2022-06-23
The high-quality silk quilt is made of mulberry silk filament cotton, and the content is 100%, so when purchasing, you must ask: is the quilt made of mulberry silk? Is the silk content 100%? Is silk wool long silk wool? Sang silk, of course, when you ask, the merchant may not tell you the truth, but this link cannot be omitted. If you ask more, you can see some clues, especially when you buy online, you can only see pictures. More to ask.
    First of all, look at the tire cover, whether the details of the tire cover are tight, and whether there are defects on the surface. The most important point is to look at the positioning. The long-filament cotton and silk quilts generally adopt the positioning process, that is, drop a thread at the appropriate distance of the quilt to fix the silk-wool; short-filament cotton is mostly quilted, because the silk-wool is too short and can only be used. Quilting can fix the silk wool.
    If it is a quilting process, then don't consider it, a good silk quilt will not use a quilting process.
Secondly, the quality of the silk can be seen through the inspection port, mainly by the color of the silk. The color of the high-quality silk is white, with a natural luster and less impurities. The color is not as white as possible. The silk that is too white may have been treated with a whitening agent. Natural white is normal.
Put your hand into the silk at the detection port, and touch the silk to see how it feels. Good silk feels soft. Then gently pull the silk wool with your hand to see how tough it is. The toughness of high-quality silk wool is better.
Since there is a tire cover on the outside, it is impossible to see how the silk inside is. At this time, it can only be felt by hand. Gently stroking with both hands to feel the bulkiness of the silk, and then rubbing gently with both palms to see if there are any lumps and tendons. The time was not handled properly, and the silk was not fully broken up.
The real silk quilt has a unique fragrance of natural silk, which is acceptable to most people. This unique smell can also be used as a reference for silk quilts.
If you smell an unnatural or pungent odor, it means that there is a problem with the silk. It may be mixed with chemical fiber, or the inferior silk has been chemically treated, so the smell is particularly strong. Many people are buying silk quilts for the first time, and they don't know what the taste of silk is. In a word, any unnatural taste is problematic. When purchasing silk quilts, these standards can be done a little better. Of course, just relying on these skills and methods cannot guarantee the purchase of high-quality silk quilts. There is no way to identify what is inside the silk quilts. Therefore, it is best to find trustworthy people, trustworthy businesses, and trustworthy brands.

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