The difference between Tencel series fabric and silk, which is better?

Author: admin / 2022-07-05
The difference between Tencel and silk, which is better? 
Compared to the two fabrics, silk is more skin-friendly, and Tencel has a wider range of applications due to its gloss and strength. Generally speaking, silk is mainly used in the market of high-end products, and Tencel is more suitable for the consumption of most people while satisfying people's requirements for fabric comfort.
The difference between Tencel Series Fabric and silk:
1. The difference between a natural fiber and a regenerated fiber silk is that she is a natural animal protein fiber, while other natural plant fibers may have pesticide residues in the treatment of insect pests, but the silk residue is 0! Although the wood pulp fiber retains the moisture absorption and permeability of the wood, the sense of honor is obviously not as good as silk.
2, the difference between the two silks is more durable than the Tencel. Tencel fabric fibers are generally made of staple fibers (38mm and 51mm), while the length of silk fibers is thousands of times, and the length of a silkworm cocoon can reach 1500 meters. When the silk is long on the spinning fabric, the strength will be better, so the silk will last longer than the Tencel.
3, the difference between the three silks will be cooler than the Tencel. According to the literature of the big tree, the thermal conductivity of silk is higher than that of Tencel, which means that the instantaneous heat absorption capacity of silk is higher than that of Tencel, and the silk is in all materials. The fabric is the highest in contact with the warmth and coldness, which means that the summer contact silk is more cool than the Tencel.
4. The difference between the four silks and the Tencel will be closer to the front. We said that the silk fiber is the longest of all the natural fibers, so the cloth she woven and the quilt she made are the softest and the best, and the gloss is also the best. The comfort at the time is better. Although Tencel also has soft body performance, it is still worse than silk.
5, silk fabrics than Tiansi expensive silk fabrics first introduce the Tencel. Known as the green fiber of the 21st century, Tencel is also known as LYOCELL viscose fiber. Tencel is its trade name in China. Tencel is not silk, but a new viscose fiber produced by solvent spinning using wood pulp as the raw material, which has the same chemical composition as cotton yarn. Tencel is shiny, soft and elegant, and is not easily deformed compared to other fabrics.
Silk fabric is followed by an introduction to silk. The silk that people usually say is silk, a natural protein fiber, and there are varieties such as silk. The moisture absorption and breathability of silk are excellent, the texture is soft and smooth, and the clothes made of silk are very comfortable and breathable. Therefore, silk has always been the darling of the high-end product market.