What are raw silk, cooked silk and silk?

Author: admin / 2022-07-08
In addition to furniture fans, we introduced the types and materials of brown mattresses. The brown mattresses are mainly divided into mountain brown and coconut brown. The mattress values of these two materials are also different. The mountain palm mattress is made of 100% natural mountain brown, so it is breathable, quiet and silent, and the elasticity is lasting. It has a feeling of being close to nature, which makes the body and mind relax. Its biggest advantage lies in its environmental protection and good human health. Then, what are the raw silk, cooked silk and silk which are promoted by the guide or the merchant?
From the material point of view, the market is generally divided into raw silk, boiled silk, silk and silk.
1. Raw silk is a local mountain brown silk that has not been treated with insects. It has a musty smell and insects, which endanger human health.
2, boiled silk is taken from the mountain brown board after high temperature and high pressure deworming treatment.
3, while the filament and the first silk are taken on the mountain brown piece, the only difference is that the length of 30CM is classified into the filament, 60CM is classified into the head silk, the head silk is generally aimed at the high-end high value-added mattress, the price It is twice as high.
Compared with boiled wire, the toughness is better, the dross is less, and the material is similar to the head silk, and a bed of the same size and thickness is the same as the production process of the mountain brown mattress. It is about 200 yuan high, so from the perspective of cost performance, the silk is a very good choice , suitable for consumers who are looking for high cost performance.

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