What are the effects of the quality of bedding?

Author: admin / 2022-07-06
Wujiang first textile ROMANKELLY  News in our lives third of the time will be spent on sleeping, so on the merits of Wujiang first textile ROMANKELLY linen fabrics directly affects our quality of sleep, and even affect their health. Therefore, understanding the types of bedding fabrics and bedding fabric knowledge can help us to purchase quality, comfortable bedding. What fabrics are good for bedding? Let's take a look.
Silk Bedding Quilts, bedspreads, bedding, duvet covers, pillows, pillowcases, etc. When choosing bedding, choose a comfortable fabric. There are different options for different seasons. Nowadays, the temperature difference between day and night is large. It should be soft and sweat-absorbent. It is good for the breathing of sweat glands. The temperature in winter is low and it feels cold. High-quality warm cotton wool, duck down and silk cotton should be used to increase people's cold resistance. At present, the fabrics of bedding on the market mainly include pure cotton, polyester cotton, linen, chemical fiber, silk, cotton Maya and so on.
Cotton fabric is the most used type of bedding. Pure cotton has good warmth and soft touch. It absorbs water and hides skin. It has no irritation to human skin and the price is moderate. However, one of the disadvantages of cotton fabric is shrinking. If possible, use a steam iron to iron the kit after each use, which is even better.
If the product description says "polyester cotton", it means that it is not 100% pure cotton, but a mixed cotton mixed with chemical fiber. Polyester cotton is divided into plain and twill. The plain polyester cotton fabric is thin, the strength and wear resistance are very good, the shrinkage rate is very small, the appearance of the product is not easy to sample, and the price is good, the durability is good, but the comfort fit is not as good as pure cotton. Twill polyester is usually denser than plain weave, so it appears dense and thick, with a glossy surface and a better feel than plain.
Linen fabrics have a rougher feel and are therefore suitable for topical use, such as bedspreads or sheets that are worn during the day, such as bedding that is less in contact with human skin.
Chemical fiber fabrics are colorful, but because chemical fiber generates static electricity, it is not good for the skin. People with sensitive skin are prone to skin allergies after use. Therefore, chemical fiber fabrics are currently used less.
Silk fabric has a gorgeous appearance, rich and rich, natural soft light and flicker effect, comfortable feeling, high strength, elasticity and moisture absorption better than cotton, but it is easy to be dirty, and the heat resistance to strong sunlight is worse than cotton. With this bedding fabric, you have to change the sheets frequently to avoid direct sunlight to the sheets.
Cotton Maya, divided into two categories from the cloth surface:
1.Short plush 2-2.5mm high, single-faced flannel, internationally known as "cotton Maya", also known as "cotton raschel", double-layered into a blanket called "cotton raschel blanket" .
2.Plush 4mm high, single-layer double-faced flannel, internationally known as "Niu Maya", made into a blanket called "Mayan blanket", cotton Maya is a new type of high-grade fabric, plush 100% combing Cotton, fluffy down, elegant, soft, comfortable, breathable, warm, deeply favored by domestic and foreign customers, is a natural green product in the 21st century.
3.The above is the information about the bed fabric, want to know more furniture information, please pay attention to Wujiang first textile ROMANKELLY