What is mulberry silk quilt and what are its benefits

Author: admin / 2022-07-11
I believe that everyone is not unfamiliar with mulberry silk quilt, but few people really understand mulberry silk quilt. 
The mulberry silk quilt is a special bedding for silk quilt. In the cold winter, the warm and comfortable silk quilt is very popular with the public. The survey found that the silk cheating on the Yangcheng market has occurred from time to time. Many of my friends bought a quilt with this material and also learned about the quilt. However, it is not very familiar with the quilt cover. The correct and reasonable use, maintenance and cleaning methods are very important for the quilt cover. It can not only protect the color pattern but also prolong the life span. Next, I brought you the cleaning and maintenance methods for mulberry silk quilt . At the same time, I paid attention to the secrets of the four kinds of counterfeit tactics, the prices, the second degree of fluffiness, and the four ways to distinguish between true and false. .
Buy silk quilt cover matters needing attention
Survey: Royals all call "100% silk"
In a certain supermarket in the city, they consulted several silk quilts with different prices. The owner stated: [It is definitely silk, and you can discuss if you want." In an urban shopping mall, exquisite silk is as high as 988 yuan and 1,388 yuan. . These quilts are printed with the words "silk quilt" and are marked with "100% silk", and some are still "high-grade silk", "extraordinary grade" and "first grade". Open the quilt cover and the inner tube is white and soft to the touch. An owner said: silk is silk, but there are mulberry silk and tussah silk, of course, the price is different. It is understood that silk, refers to mulberry silk, raw silk, although collectively referred to as silk, but the price difference is large; in the market, silk is divided into two layers, the middle is inferior tussah silk, and some simply use tussah silk or chemical fiber. A female shop owner told reporters that tussah silk is generally not separated, but the use of a long time, the quilt inner tube will be yellow.

Secret: There are four ways to fake
Relevant sources revealed that there are dozens of brands of silk on the market at present, and some of them are poor-quality silk quilts, and there are four methods for making them fake:
1.With tussah silk for the price difference, the quality is not the same. In order to reduce costs, some manufacturers discolored gray-black tussah silk and spun silk.
2.The short filaments are used to impersonate filaments, and high-quality silk is added through several steps. The quilt can be kept as it is as long as it is properly preserved. The inferior silkworm cocoon produces short filaments and is easily deformed.
3.In the label on the hands and feet, some manufacturers in the quilt marked 3 kg, but only 2.5 kg, 0.5 kg is the weight of the quilt.
4. Direct adulteration, due to the feel and color of chemical fiber and silk, consumers are difficult to distinguish.
Weapons: There are four ways to distinguish between true and false
1.Look at the price. Calculated according to the net weight, 500 grams of the price is less than 100 yuan, basically counterfeit products.
2.Look at the degree of fluffiness, silk is generally very fluffy, and the pressure will rebound quickly. If it is solid, it is inferior.
3.Look at the silk color, white, slightly yellowish, bright and natural color, if the white is dazzling, not high quality silk quilt.
4.Burn the silk, take some silk from it and ignite it. After burning, it turns into ash, indicating that it is natural silk. Consumers are recommended to buy reputable manufacturers, or go to the store to buy.
Silk quilt cover price
As the mulberry silk quilt brand, model, material and manufacturers are different, of course, the price of mulberry silk quilt will be different. So, what is the price of silk quilt cover? Mulberry silk quilt prices generally range from a few hundred to a thousand dollars.
Note: This price is for reference only! Due to geographical differences, of course, the price will be different. For more details on the prices, please refer to the local distributors!
How to wash mulberry silk quilt
According to the season, the room temperature and the environment, correct choice of mulberry silk quilt to protect the quality of sleep. Pay attention to the use of clean, so as not to be contaminated.
Develop a good sleeping position to avoid pulling the weight, so as not to deform the silk tire. Avoid children's bed-wetting to keep the inner structure of the silk fetus well.
Silk silk should not be used in rooms with high humidity so as to avoid qualitative changes in silk, affecting the flexibility and comfort of silk.
Silk quilt cover maintenance method
1, store
Before silkworms are stored, they must be air-dried and then folded. Do not put all kinds of chemicals. Silkworms are stored in ventilated places and should not be pressed for a long time to avoid affecting silk tyres. 

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