What is the composition and use of silk fabrics?

Author: admin / 2022-07-06
First, silk silk fabric is a plain silk fabric made of viscose rayon, cotton yarn and wax thread weft woven, also useful for weaving with twill weave. According to the different wefts used, it is divided into line and wax line. The line has a relatively thick texture, a rough silk surface, and strong wear resistance. The main line and small thread line are mainly used as clothing materials, and the large line thread is mainly used as quilt cover and decorative silk.
Second, silk silk fabric Tantalum is a thin, transparent silk fabric made from plain or modified plain weave. It is mostly made from mulberry silk, viscose, and synthetic fibers. According to the different processing methods, it can be divided into plain , , jacquard and burnt . Anthraquina has a light texture, breathable and cool features. Mainly used for dresses, evening dresses, headscarves, curtains, wedding dresses and other materials. The main varieties of silk fabrics are as follows.
1.Silk silk silkworms are also known as plain silkworms. They are made of mulberry silk woven into plain weave fabrics. Silk yarns use semi-scrubbing yarns, so they have a silky body and a light and thin texture. It is mainly used for evening dresses, stage backgrounds, wedding dresses, and curtains.
2.Nylon, nylon, and nylon are made from single-fiber nylon filaments that change into plain weave fabrics. The texture is thin, soft and elastic. Mainly used as women's headscarf, scarves, wedding dresses, etc.
3, burnt flower enamel is the use of nylon yarn and light viscose rayon intertwined burnt silk silk fabric. The ground warp and weft yarns are nylon filaments, and the flower warp is a viscose rayon filament. After burnt-out treatment, it has the characteristics of clear, light, transparent and bright and bright flowers. Mainly used as screens, veils, skirts and other fabrics.
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