What is the difference between ice silk and silk, which is better?

Author: admin / 2022-07-08
What is the difference between ice silk and silk silk, which is good for silk and ice silk? 
The materials are different, and they are good or bad according to their own likes and uses.
The difference between ice silk and silk:
1. Silkworm, commonly known as silk, is known as the [Fiber Queen". It is a treasured treasure that nature has given to mankind. It has a history of thousands of years in China. Because silk has excellent skin-friendly properties, it is not easy to burn people's skin in case of fire. Some people praise the silk as the second skin of human being. The drape, elasticity, crease resistance and antibacterial property are much better than cotton. Hemp fabric, the friction coefficient of the human body is the lowest among all kinds of fibers (only 7.4%), and its beauty and health care effect is beyond the reach of other textile fabrics. 
The silk four-piece set is made of high-quality thick printed silk fabric. After two pre-shrinking treatments, the silk material feels soft and delicate, and it has a faint pearl luster. The design is elegant and fashionable, and the shades are varied. When the delicate skin is smooth and delicate silky silk, the silky silk fits the body curve, while nourishing the skin, enjoy the top sleep quality.

2, ice silk is a trade name of chemical fiber, accurately speaking, a foreign product name of denatured polymer fiber. Since there is no large-scale production of such fibers in China, there are not many similar products on the market. The fiber has better hygroscopicity and gas permeability than ordinary gelatin fiber, and has better shape retention and drape.
Which is better for ice silk and silk?

Silk fabrics are better.
Silk is a natural fiber that combines lightness, softness and fineness in nature. It is known as the second skin of the human body and is called the fiber queen by the industry. Its main component is pure natural animal protein fiber, its structure is the closest to human skin, 87% is exactly the same, contains a variety of essential amino acids, wind, dehumidification, soothe, nourish and balance human skin. effect.

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