What should I do with hair dye on silk?

Author: admin / 2022-07-05
How to clean the soup on silk? 
What should I do with hair dye on silk? 
The stains of the soup are actually based on oil, unless your soup is a thick broth, then it is another matter. The silk fabric is relatively delicate, not suitable for large-scale washing, and is not suitable for using alkaline washing powder and soap. Therefore, it is necessary to patiently divide into several steps to gradually complete the cleaning process.
First, go to the supermarket and buy a bottle of net spray, which is a surfactant spray with dissolved and diffused oil. Dry clothes are not wet, spray a few more on the oil stains. After spraying, place it for half an hour, let it thoroughly penetrate into the inside of the fiber gap, and then gently wash it with detergent water. The general oil stain can be completely removed. This will not affect the silk surface and color.
If it is a broth, then you need to add another process: after using the collar net spray and placing it for half an hour, then add the enzyme washing powder, soak it in warm water at 45 ° C for one hour, then wash it again. 
The purpose is to use the biological activity of the enzyme to break down the protein components in the broth. Since the activation of the enzyme has strict requirements on temperature and time, special attention should be paid to the above conditions.

What should I do with silk hair dye:
1. For hair dyes that have just been dyed on clothes, they can be removed with cold perm. Apply cold scalding to the stains, then rinse with soap or the like. It is useless for stains that have been used for a long time.
2. Apply the rice vinegar to the clothing stained with black hair dye. After about 10 minutes, wash it with soap. The stain will be washed quickly and leave no trace.

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